Cornelius Weidmann

GET api/v1/languages
GET api/v1/positions-of-leadership
  "Team Lead at Responsive",
  "Team Lead at Lima Bean",
  "Student Representative at DSK",
  "Youth Leader at church",
GET api/v1/interests
  "Guitar and piano",
GET api/v1/education
  "BSc Computer Science and Applied Mathematics *",
  "Non-Degree Purpose Mathematics",
  "BSc(Eng) Electro-Mechanical *",
* did not complete (ask me why)
GET api/v1/professional-experience
  "Backbone / Vue / React Consultant (Current)",
  "Full Stack Developer",
  "Web Developer and Team Lead",
  "Assistant Engineer",
  "Assistant Mechanical Technician",
  "Personal Assistant gmp Architekten",
  "Workshop Assistant CHW Design",
GET api/v1/other-experience-and-voluntary-work
  "Mathematics and Physics Tutor",
  "Student Representative",
  "Youth Leader",
  "Worship Leader",
GET api/v1/training-and-seminars
  "Welding course",
  "Unofficial lathe course",
  "Mentoring and leadership seminar - Developmental psychology & conflict management",
GET api/v1/other
  location: "Cape Town, South Africa",

I'm an independent contractor. I occasionally blog at kyco.